The World's Smartest High-Frequency Trading Platform for Discretionary and Algorithmic Trading

IQBroker is designed to be the ultimate solution for backtesting and executing a portfolio of algorithmic trading strategies. In addition, our platform features state-of-the-art charts as well as other high-end trading tools for trading stocks, futures and FOREX.

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Design 18 different types of .NET scripts to control every aspect of your portfolio, or select your favorites from hundreds of pre-made scripts.

Backtest and Optimize

Backtest and optimize an entire portfolio of algorithmic trading strategies that trade stocks, indexes, futures, FOREX, ETFs and CFDs.


Visualize your portfolio through our state-of-the-art trading tools, which include charts, watchlists, DOM, T&S and others.

Trade Live

Trade your portfolio live using your favorite data and brokerage providers.



Customize every aspect of your discretionary or algorithmic trading using 18 different types of .NET scripts.

Powerful API

Our automated trading platform's API has 600+ functions that are grouped together into 30+ easy to use libraries. The API is based on pure function calls without any complex programming structures, making it ideal for both programmers and non-programmers alike.

Write Code in C# or VB.NET

IQBroker scripts can be written in C# and VB.NET using our built-in script designer or using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013/2015.

Manage Your Resources

Data Source Explorer

Manage your market data using the IQBroker data source explorer.

Symbol Manager

Manage our large exchange and symbol-specifications database using the IQBroker symbol manager.

Script Designer

Design and manage 18 different types of .NET scripts using the IQBroker script designer.

Output Window

Manage, view and filter your scripts debug output using the IQBroker output window.

Backtest and Optimize

Portfolio Level Backtesting

IQBroker's multicore backtesting engine can backtest an entire portfolio of algorithmic trading strategies.

A single portfolio can run multiple algorithmic trading strategies such that each strategy can simultaneously trade multiple symbols from multiple exchanges based on multiple bar types and currencies.

Parameter Optimization

IQBroker’s blazing fast optimization engine can optimize or walk-forward optimize an entire portfolio of algorithmic trading strategies.

Our optimization engine allows you to pick the portfolio parameters to be optimized as well as to pick the performance metrics to be calculated in each run. In addition, the portfolio to be optimized can be assigned a pre-made or a custom-made optimization algorithm, as well as a pre-made or a custom-made optimization goal.

Performance Results

Once backtesting is complete our automated trading platform produces an extensive performance report. The report includes all of the simulated trades, dozens of charts, and roughly 75 performance metrics, in addition to as many custom metrics as you wish.

News, Fundamentals and Level 2

Our automated trading platform allows you to backtest, optimize and execute algorithmic trading strategies that process news feeds, RSS feeds, fundamental data and level 2 market data.

Orders, Bars and Alerts

Smart Order Types

Use standard and smart order types as part of your discretionary and algorithmic trading.

Bar Types

Backtest and trade a large selection of built-in bar types in addition to your own custom bar types.


IQBroker’s alert system can process both simple and complex rules in order to trigger visual, audio and email alerts, as well as your own custom scripts.

Visualization and Discretionary Trading


IQBroker's charting solution is the most robust and feature complete solution in the industry. It enables you to:

  • Plot an extensive selection of standard and exotic chart types
  • Base your charts on +20 native bar types or use custom bar type scripts
  • Overlay multiple symbols, chart types and bar types on the same chart
  • Use pre-made or custom-made indicators, patterns, drawings and signals
  • Trade directly from your charts using our fully integrated order pad
  • Launch discretionary strategy scripts to manage your trades automatically
  • Integrate Volume Profile and other profile bars into your trading
  • Customize your charts using a vast selection of chart settings


IQBroker's watchlists are fully integrated and managed by your portfolio, such that when a symbol is added to the portfolio it is automatically added to one of its watchlists.

Each watchlist displays dozens of data columns that stream real time market data as well as open positions details for all of the watchlist symbols. In addition, our watchlists can be set up with custom script columns that calculate indicators, patterns and signals based on any bar type that you want.

Moreover, the various watchlist columns can be used not only for viewing streaming data but also for generating visual, audio and email alerts, as well as for submitting orders and executing scripts.

DOM and T&S

Our smart DOM and Time & Sales trading tools are conveniently integrated into our order pad and can be accessed directly from your charts and watchlists.

Portfolio Playback

Our automated trading platform has a powerful portfolio playback feature that streams historical market data to your portfolio strategies and charts.

Portfolio playback can be used by discretionary traders to practice and improve their trading skills when the markets are closed or when real time market data isn’t available.

Portfolio playback can also be used by algorithmic traders in order to backtest a portfolio in slow motion while monitoring the process from start to end.

Trade Live

IQBroker supports two different types of portfolios that you can use for both discretionary and automated trading.

The discretionary portfolio allows you to trade equities, futures and FOREX using powerful trading tools that are highly integrated into a single portfolio environment. The portfolio features all of the tools and functionality you need for sophisticated discretionary trading while helping you stay focused and in control.

The automated portfolio allows you to design a single portfolio for multiple algorithmic trading strategies and then use the portfolio in four different modes, backtesting, optimization, simulation and live trading. Once you finish testing and optimizing your portfolio, you can either simulate it on real time market data or you can trade it live using your favorite data and brokerage providers.