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$99.95 /month

This plan is mainly intended for retail traders.

  • Single User
  • For Private Individuals
  • All Platform Features
  • Discretionary Trading Enabled
  • Automated Trading Enabled
  • Premium Email Support
  • Multi-Broker Trading

Recurring Payment Options

  •   Pay $99.95 / Month
  •   Pay $999.95 / Year


$299.95 /month

This plan is mainly intended for buy-side trading firms.

  • Single User
  • For Business Users
  • All Platform Features
  • Discretionary Trading Enabled
  • Automated HFT Enabled
  • VIP Phone Support
  • Multi-Broker Trading
  • Institutional Connectivity
  • Enterprise Add-Ons
  • Paid Separately (*)
  • Service Agreement (*)
  • Continuity Agreement(*)
  • Connectivity SDK(*)
  • Private Training(*)
  • White Labeling(*)
  • Strategy Development(*)
  • Custom Features(*)
  • Consulting(*)

Recurring Payment Options

  •   Pay $299.95 / Month
  •   Pay $2999.95 / Year
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Questions & Answers

  • Is there a demo I can try before I purchase the platform?
  • What should I do if I want to trade live?
  • What's the difference between the Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition?

Yes. If you're using IQBroker as a private individual then you can download the free Community Edition and use it for as long as you wish. The Community Edition supports all of the features that the Professional Edition does, except for live trading.

Business users may also download the Community Edition, and are welcome to use it for up to 60 days before upgrading to the Enterprise Edition.

Purchase a subscription to the Professional Edition or the Enterprise Edition and restart IQBroker. You'll be able to perform live trading immediately.

These editions have similar functionality, except for the following benefits which are available only to Enterprise Edition customers:

  • High-frequency trading speeds with an ultra-low latency that is faster than the already super-fast Professional Edition
  • Additional data and brokerage connectors to our institutional providers (upcoming feature, not available at this time)
  • Optional add-ons that can only be added for Enterprise Edition customers (Add-Ons are paid separately)

Note that business users are required to use the Enterprise Edition, as the other editions are reserved for private individuals only.