June 23rd 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENTS Added support for FXCM
CHANGE Yahoo Finance has a new critical bug in its historical data service, we've switched the FreeServers to use Google Finance until Yahoo resolves this bug.


June 22nd 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the charts to display the daily bar currently being built as it is being built.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the IB data adapter by adding support for level 1 tick data for the construction of tick based charts (even though historical data isn't available).
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the IB data adapter to return historical EOD data starting from 1992 (the first valid data that IB has).
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the Performance Results warning that is displayed when the performance date range is modified.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the tool tip border to look nicer.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the chart Data Deries Settings Window to display the Profile tab only when a profile bar type is selected.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the chart Data Deries Settings Window by removing the series update setting (all series now update on every tick).
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the watchlist script column settings window by removing the invoke script setting.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the trade pad so that it remembers the discretionary strategy setting.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the data connection settings to reconnect the connection after it is edited.
BREAKING CHANGE Changed the ChartDataSeriesPlot signature by removing one parameter that is no longer neeed.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in the DataSeriesSwitch function that could cause it to fail.
BUG FIX Fixed the charts in an automated portfolio to display the Lookback Days that were set for the portfolio.
BUG FIX Fixed the symbol search text box to be more responsive.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in the watchlist that could sometimes cause script columns not to update when a column is added.
BUG FIX Fixed a crash that can happen when a broker connection is deleted.


June 13th 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENTS Simplified the Symbol Explorer so that symbol selection is easier.
IMPROVEMENTS Added a close button to the workspace cells so that they can easily be closed.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the data box so that time stamps show in the local time zone when that chart setting are set to display in the local time zone.
IMPROVEMENTS Added a menu label to the workspace menu button.
IMPROVEMENTS Moved the Brokerage Account Orders to the Pending Orders tab.
IMPROVEMENTS Moved the Brokerage Account Positions to the Open Positions tab.
IMPROVEMENTS Added a close button to the chart's built in trade pad.
CHANGE Removed the BrokerSetMaxBarHold and BrokerModifyMaxBarHold API functions, since those do not make sense as order types and can not be implemented by the brokers. The trading strategies can implement the same functionality using the PositionBars function and a BrokerMarket order.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug that could prevent stop loss and take profit synchronization when those are changed from the broker side.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug where the bar type scripts could crash the platform.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in the IB brokerage adapter that caused it to send back options positions/orders to IQBroker, even though those are not supported.


June 6nd 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENTS Updated the time sync process to use multiple time servers.
IMPROVEMENTS Updated the Xceed data grid component to version 6.3
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the DOM to always open the DOM properties in the right place.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the multi-symbol trading strategies OnBarUpdate function to also accept a flag named isLastSymbol that indicates whether this is the last symbol being updated for the bar interval.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved IQScript by adding BarTotalCount, TickTotalCount and DataTotalCount that return the number of bars processed so far.
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the T&S by disabling row selection, so that it doesn't scroll down once a row is selected.
BUG FIX Fixed the trades and positions to count the bars that have identical time stamps to the previous bars.


June 2nd 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENTS Improved the user interface in various places.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in the Interactive Broker's broker adapter that could cause duplicate order Id's and related errors.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug that could cause the arrows in the chart data box to be the same color as the background.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in the DOM that could display bid/ask level sizes in K notation (1.4K instead of 1424).