May 22nd 2017
Type Details
CHANGE Restored Yahoo Finance support for our FreeServers data adapter.
CHANGE Removed the Google, Yahoo and Quandl data adapters and consolidated the best features from each of them into the FreeServers data adapter.
CHANGE Removed the MetaStock and Simulation data adapters, as they received very little usage.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in the IB broker adapter that could cause mulitple OnCommissionReport errors to be triggered, causing random disconnects.


May 20th 2017
Type Details
CHANGE Yahoo Finance has blocked their API after years of being open and millions of end-users. We are now using Google's Finance data instead.
BUG FIX Fixed the connection re-connect option to disconnect and reconnect.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in the IB broker adapter that could cause order number mixups when logging in to IB from different locations.


May 15th 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENT Improved the login screen.
IMPROVEMENT Added detection to out of sync system time and the ability to correct it.


May 12th 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENT Added a PnL column to the trades and positions tables that is calculated using the account/strategy currency code.
IMPROVEMENT Improved the performance of loading a theme template or editing a table's template (settings & alerts).
IMPROVEMENT Added a display that shows the cash, equity and margin of the portfolio at the top right hand side.
IMPROVEMENT Added an instrument column to the orders table.
CHANGE Changed the order synchonization to also sync orders and positions in automated portfolios with the real brokerage account.
CHANGE Changed the margin calculation of futures and FX trades so that those are specified by the broker when possible .
CHANGE Changed the margin displayed by positions to only display the margin currently being used.
CHANGE Changed the entry and exit prices being displayed by a position to display the average prices of the entry and exit orders.
CHANGE Changed the default chart template from gray to black.
CHANGE Changed the default columns being displayed in the various tables and their order in the table.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug that could cause daily data bars from IB to display extra tiny bars at the end of a chart.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug that would display the pips of JPY based FX symbols incorrectly.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug that would calculate the commission of FX trades using the wrong currency code.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug that would display table columns in the wrong order and made it difficult to save them in a user specified order.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in which the portfolio's base currency code wasn't always in sync with the brokerage account's currency.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug where uses could create an exchange without a schedule and then crash the platform.


May 5th 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENT Updated the Interactive Broker's symbol mapping of international exchanges and fixed connectivity.
IMPROVEMENT Added a popup window that shows up when a user types a digit on the chart and allows the user to quickly change the bar interval for the chart.
IMPROVEMENT Improved the chart symbol selection by enabling it the moment the user starts typing on the chart.
IMPROVEMENT Added a bad tick filter that users can enable from the Options window and can filter newly imported historical and real time ticks.
IMPROVEMENT Improved the trade pad order size window by replacing it with a popup instead of a dialog window.
IMPROVEMENT Improved the symbol selection in trading tools so that it responds to the enter keystroke.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug when re-loading a portfolio due to an error in its symbols.


April 29th 2017
Type Details
IMPROVEMENT Improved the watchlist context menu by allowing it to open a selected symbol's Chart, DOM, T&S and Trade Pad.
IMPROVEMENT Added the BrokerSetAllowETH function that will indicate to the broker that a specified order can be filled in ETH.
IMPROVEMENT Added an Allow ETH flag to the trade pad so that a user can indicate whether an order can be executed during ETH.
IMPROVEMENT Added Stop Loss and Take Profit input fields to the trade pad.
IMPROVEMENT Stopped the trade pad from changing the colors of the bid/ask price panels, and renamed those from buy/sell to bid/ask.
IMPROVEMENT Added a Time Frame context menu option to the charts, so that time frames can be quickly changed from outside the Data Series Window.
IMPROVEMENT Added labels saying 'Indicator Favorites', 'Drawing Favorites', etc. in the chart's context menu.
IMPROVEMENT Added support for the VWAP indicator.
IMPROVEMENT Removed the alerts view control from the left side dashboard.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug that could crash the platform when symbols have the name of COM or LPT.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug that could crash the Output Window when handling too much output data.
BUG FIX Fixed a bug in the IB brokerage adapter that would sometimes cancel orders that are still pending.