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We offer one of the most powerful cloud based VPS solutions for professional traders. Our cloud based virtual private servers are available in multiple worldwide locations right next to some of the largest exchanges in the world. Each VPS is configured for optimal trading experience, low latency and lightning fast performance.

Gold VPS

$199.95 /month

  • Cloud Server
  • Intel CPU
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Fully Managed
  • 200GB SSD
  • 6 CPU
  • 16384 Memory
  • 5000 GB Bandwidth

Platinum VPS

$299.95 /month

  • Cloud Server
  • Intel CPU
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Fully Managed
  • 300GB SSD
  • 8 CPU
  • 32768 Memory
  • 6000 GB Bandwidth

Choose VPS Location

We have cloud based virtual private servers available in these locations, you'll be able to select one when you purchase your VPS: Chicago, New Jersey, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo

Questions & Answers

  • How will I access my VPS?
  • Is bandwidth usage calculated from outbound, inbound, or inbound+outbound traffic?
  • Do you offer instance backups?
  • Do you offer IPv6 support?
  • Do you offer managed hosting?
  • What type of virtualization do you use?

You'll be able to access your VPS using the Microsoft Remote Desktop application. The application is available free of charge to both Windows PC users as well as Mac users. PC users already have it installed on their machine, while Mac users can download it from iTunes.

Your bandwidth usage is based on the maximum of either your outbound traffic or your inbound traffic. Our packages usually have enough bandwidth for even the most demanding trading applications and usage.

No, we do not, mostly due to privacy and security concerns of our algorithmic traders.

Yes, IPv6 is available in all our locations.

Yes, but only if you ask us to. We can manage software installations, security patches, troubleshooting, etc.

We utilize KVM on 100% of our infrastructure.